This is an ideal fishing trip for the entire family, novices and enthusiasts.

We offer half-day inshore trips usually that usually last for 5-6 hours and we remain within 1-2 miles from shore and remain within False Bay.

False Bay and around Cape point is home to an abundance of marine wildlife and a diverse variety of fishing areas to choose from.  Using light to medium tackle, you will be able to fish for various fish types, including Red Roman, Cape Salmon and Bronze Beam (Hottentot).

When venturing just beyond Cape Point, you will be able to troll and spin for a variety of game fish, including Yellowtail, Snoek, Skipjack, Katonkel and Bonito

Yellowtail fish are a very sought-after table fish that can weigh between 3 to 10 kg.  They generally put up a good fight, making your fishing experience all the more memorable.

A trip within False Bay will not only enthral you when you catch that 'Big One', but you will also be enchanted by the natural beauty of the Bay.  Majestic mountains slopes plunge towards the ocean, and are teaming with wildlife.  It is not uncommon to encounter a pod of dolphins, Cape Fur Seals, African Penguins, Sea Otters as well as Southern Right Wales.  Occasionally you will see Humpback and Brydes Whales, Orca or even a Great White Shark.

Our boat departs twice a day, either early morning or early afternoon.


Comfortable for 4 anglers, but can accommodate 5

Equipment and Safety briefing on arrival

All relevant equipment, rods, bait & tackle is supplied

A fully licensed and experienced skipper and deckhand

Credit Card facilities available

Departing times can be varied

Bring warm clothing, a weather jacket, a sun hat, sunscreen etc..

Guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages on board

Consult a pharmacist before the trip if you are prone to sea-sickness

Terms & Conditions apply