False Bay and the area around Cape Point is a unique ecosystem that is home to an abundance of marine wildlife.

Take a trip along the coast from Simon's Town to Cape Point and experience this unique biome.  You are almost guaranteed to spot Cape Fur Seals, Penguins and a multitude of bird species.  During certain times of the year the Bay becomes home to the Southern Right Whale.  These majestic creatures find shelter within the bay to calf and prepare their new-borns for the perils of the open ocean.  Depending on the season, you may get a glimpse of Humpback and Brydes Whales or even and Orca or two as they hunt in the Bay.   Pods of dolphins have been seen in the Bay too.

Alternatively, you can arrange a charter to Seal Island.  The island is populated by up to 70 000 Cape Fur Seals.  These animals will can be seen wallowing on the rocks and in the water, while the more adventurous ones will swim around the boat.  In addition, this large population of seals attracts a large number of apex predators, the Great White Shark in particular.  These very large sharks have become world famous for their unique hunting skills.  There are numerous documentaries about the amazing ability of these predators to break the surface of the water, jump metres into the air in an attempt to catch their illusive prey.

False Bay  is also home to an abundance of bird life.  Birders could tick the following bird species off their list:  Cape-, White Breasted-, and Bank Cormorants; Black Footed- and African Penguins; African Black Oyster Catcher; Kelp Gull; Cape Gannets; Petrels and Terns, to name a few.

We can tailor make a charter to suit your specific requirements and interests.  Our charters generally last 3 to 4 hours and we can accommodate to maximum of 6 guests.

So pack you binoculars and cameras and spend a memorable couple of hours traversing False Bay with us.


Comfortably accommodate up to 6 people

Safety equipment and Safety briefing on arrival

A fully licensed and experienced skipper

Credit Card facilities available

Departing times can be varied

Bring warm clothing, a weather jacket, a sun hat, sunscreen etc..

Guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages on board

Consult a pharmacist before the trip if you are prone to sea-sickness

Terms & Conditions apply